Women 's Shelter And North York Woman 's Resource Centre

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Introduction In this paper, I compare and contrast two women-based organizations, Nellie’s Women’s Shelter and North York Women’s Resource Centre and provide a critical analysis of their structure through community engagement concepts. The paper focuses on critiquing the mandate of the two organizations, how they are similar and differ in their mandate, as well as identifying the problem that lies within. Additionally, I also critique the organizations’ source of funding and how it can be detrimental to their existence. Organizations are often seen as a catalyst for social change but they can also be problematic, which can hinder the occurrence of a revolution that is aspired.
Nellie’s Women’s Shelter is an organization that focuses on providing services for women and children who face oppression, particularly homelessness (nellies.org). Their website states that the organization was funded 40 years ago when it dawned onto a group of women, including one named June Callwood, that there were only 40 beds available for homeless women in Toronto, in comparison to the 400+ beds for homeless men (nellies.org). This resulted in the establishment of Nellie’s shelter in 1973 (nellies.org). They had 16 beds to start with in their first shelters in Toronto for homeless women (nellies.org). The group named themselves after one of Canada’s Famous Five, Nellie McClung, who challenged the Supreme Court of Canada and the Privy Council of Great Britain to include women
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