Women's Fight for Respect and Equality in the Workplace Essay

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According to ("College Candy") women have been fought they way to earn a respectful and equal opportunity in the place of work and looking back a few decades, according to a presentation by Emma Carter (2013), in 1911 women had no protection against discrimination in the workplace although, the role of females in our society was escalating as the society began to enter the labour market during the First World War in 1920.

A presentation by Carter (2013) also states that in 1941 seven million women were involved in the workforce and almost two million females were involved in the heavy industry, but was only because there was a lack of male workers during the Second World War.

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Cannon (2012) also states that the majority of experts in this matter have come to terms of agreement that a balance gender would be ideal in the workplace simply because, as previous studies have shown, women have to ability to shine in some areas and men the ability to shine in others. Cannon (2012) believes that today’s business beliefs tends to associate with masculine attributes rather than the opposite Cannon (2012 states that “women still earn 81 percent of what their male counterparts do, according to the Labor Department’s 2010 data”, although there’s no proof to suggest that employing more men will drive a company’s to bottom line.

However Sayed (2009) believes that the situation has now improved to a great magnitude and that woman can no longer be told or obligated to do anything whatsoever against their wish and will. Sayed (2009) also believes that there is now more consciousness among people about different laws concerning sexual harassments and workplace safety. Sayed (2009) is certain that more and more companies are now introducing new policies which are more flexible for both men and women. Sayed (2009) believes that the circumstances are improving due to development and growth but nevertheless, discrimination can still be detected in some places for the simple reason that women are still coming across a few in some workplaces. However, Sayed (2009) also believes that there

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