Women's Role In The Cuban Revolution

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Over the course of history revolutions have come and gone leaving behind different legacies. Revolutions have been driven by the desire of the people to overthrow a government in favor of a new system to bring about certain change. In theory revolutions serve to achieve the common good and not just the good of a select few. The Cuban revolution is a prime example of this, under the dictatorship of Batista there was no common good, those who were successful remained successful, and those born into poverty stayed in poverty with no way out. What this created was a huge gap between the classes which divided the country. As the Cuban revolution came and wiped out capitalism and replaced it with socialism, what it did was create a classless society…show more content…
This is evident with the inclusion of woman in the revolution not only in combat but in society as well. Fidel Castro highlights the role of women in the Cuban revolution in, The Revolution Within the Revolution, “Many of the plans that the revolution is today drawing up and beginning to carry out could not have been conceived until the great reservoir of human resources that our society possesses in its women was clearly seen for what it was. These plans, which stand for extraordinary contributions to the economic development of our country, to the increased well-being of our people, could not have been conceived without he mass incorporation of women into the work force”(54). The revolution saw a shift in the roles of women in Cuban society. The popular belief in Cuba pre-revolution was that women’s place should revolve around the house. The inclusion of women in society and into the work force redefined the roles of women. Although there still remained prejudices of women, there was an effort to make women a big part of society and the revolution. The prejudices that remained after the revolution didn’t undermine the inclusion of women in society it rather spoke to beliefs and values that men carried with them that were rooted in centuries of capitalism and
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