Woodrow Wilson Contributions

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Woodrow Wilson was more than the 28th President of the United States; he was also considered one of the main figureheads of public administration and a leader of the Progressive Movement. The work he did throughout his life had a profound impact on the inner workings of the government and bringing the field of public administration to life. Some of his major contributions include his essay “The Study of Administration,” legislation he helped pass while in office, and his efforts to end World War I.
Literature Review
Wilson was born December 28th of 1856 in Staunton, Virginia. When he was only a year old, his family relocated to Augusta, Georgia and that is where Wilson remained until he was 14 years old. His father was a founder of the Southern Presbyterian church and instilled in Wilson the concept of leaving the world a better place than you found it. It was also in his youth that Wilson discovered his interest in the problems of modern democracy (Link, 2002). According to Kleine-Ahlbrandt (2017), his “passion for constitution-making came from his childhood experience in drafting a set of rules for a neighborhood club that met in a hayloft” (para. 1). He then applied these skills to other organizations he joined and made it his goal to reform their procedures.
Wilson showed ambition at a very young age. Therefore, it is no surprise that he went on to be a dedicated student. He graduated from Princeton University and then obtained a law degree from the

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