Woodrow Wilson 's President Of The United States

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Thomas Woodrow Wilson was the 18th President of the United States. He is well known as the President who led our nation through the First World War Wilson also happens to be well remembered through Wilson’s famous Fourteen Points. President Wilson had also led America through important events on the domestic front and in her foreign affairs. Almost every American has heard of President Thomas Woodrow Wilson as his legacy is still seen in America today as all his choices had a significant effect on America and her future. During President Wilson’s presidential terms, American Industry had achieved new heights while leaving its mark on America to this day. During 1914 America succeeded in opening the Panama Canal which allowed the American Navy to reach the Atlantic Sea and the Pacific Sea faster as they originally had to travel around the tip of South America. The Panama Canal is still in use today but is rivaled by the Nicaragua Canal that began development in December 2014. The Panama Canal is still used today when American forces need to travel by sea. Woodrow Wilson’s presidency also saw the creation of the FTC or the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC was meant to protect the consumers and regulate the power of monopolies. The Federal Trade Commission fought against monopolies on materials and trusts which were a big issue during the Progressive Era. The Federal Trade Commission has augmented the power of the Clayton Act which also protects consumers and promote…
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