Woodrow Wilson 's President Of The United States

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Thomas Woodrow Wilson was the 18th President of the United States. He is well known as the President who led our nation through the First World War Wilson also happens to be well remembered through Wilson’s famous Fourteen Points. President Wilson had also led America through important events on the domestic front and in her foreign affairs. Almost every American has heard of President Thomas Woodrow Wilson as his legacy is still seen in America today as all his choices had a significant effect on America and her future. During President Wilson’s presidential terms, American Industry had achieved new heights while leaving its mark on America to this day. During 1914 America succeeded in opening the Panama Canal which allowed the American…show more content…
One of the last and most important of the technological innovations during Wilson’s presidency was Henry Ford’s first full assembly line which began producing cars in Highland Park, outside Detroit in the early 1900’s. Henry Ford’s assembly line increased production of the Model Ts’ while creating jobs for over 13,000 men leading to an automobile company that is still prevalent in the car business to date. The Industrial innovations of the early 1900’s have left their mark on American society. President Woodrow Wilson had always been wary of his neighbors in Central and South America. Wilson’s wariness led to his Watchful Waiting Policy of Mexico once General Huerta took over Mexico through a coup d’état. The policy led to Wilson’s decision after the Tampico Incident to send American Warships into Tampico Bay after American sailors were briefly detained. The Tampico Incident led to the ABC Conference which had a goal of three unbiased nations, Argentina, Brazil and Chile, being the arbiter of the Incident. This would lead America to come into problems worldwide and arbiter situations such as the Tampico Incident through the World Court, League of Nations and later the United Nations. President Thomas Woodrow Wilson had been faced with the greatest war the world had ever faced to that point, the famous Great War or more widely known as the First World War World War I had been unlike anything America faced as the conflict started as a European conflict
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