How Did Woodrow Wilson Progressivisms

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Yesmin Whitehead
Group Presentation: Progressivisms
Woodrow Wilsons Acts to Progressivisms
In the year of 1912, Democrat electoral candidate Woodrow Wilson was running in the Presidential Election against T.R. Roosevelt, W. Taft and E. Debs. After winning by a sland slide, and being nominated as the 28th President of the United State. President Wilson quickly went to work to save this nation from them, thus he created 2 antitrust laws and establishing the first federal bank.
Thus, in 1912 Wilson started to reshape America The Federal Reserve Act of 1912 was the beginning of President Wilson’s one of three progressivisms acts, within the first 2 yrs. of him being in power. This was Wilson’s first act as President and his progressive movement to help and stabilize a nation from an economic depression, unfair labor exploitations, and end of corporate monopolies.
"I do not want a government that will take care of me," he declared. "I want a government that will make other men take their hands off so I can take care of myself." Woodrow Wilson:
This act states law help reconstructed the national banking and currency system. This was an effort to regulate the country 's credit and monetary affairs. It provided a central institution that could hold the reserves of the commercial banks and increase those reserves, thereby making the nation 's money supply more elastic in order to cope with changing economic conditions, especially with an economy recovering from a depression. In

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