Word Processing Features Of The Microsoft Word Process

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Creating documents for work, school, and home with the assistance of Microsoft Word are tasks that people all over the world do on a daily basis. The process by which documents can be edited and formatted is made easier by the word processing tools located in the ribbon menu that help develop and perfect various documents in the Microsoft Word program (Bethel University, 2017). Three of the word processing features that I utilize routinely are the print preview, WordArt, and the use of templates. When Microsoft users apply these along with the many other features offered, the users are able to create and print better quality and more professional looking documents. All of these features make Microsoft Word 2013 user-friendly whether at …show more content…

Another feature in Microsoft Word that I use on a regular basis at home and work is the print preview option. Having this option allows users to preview their work before printing it to make sure there are no corrections that need to be made. By clicking on the left or right arrows, the user is able to scroll through multiple-page documents for a better view of the final product (Bethel University, 2017). This option has saved me many unnecessary print jobs, therefore reducing the amount of paper that would otherwise be wasted both at home and work. Print preview has assisted me in making sure margins were set properly, as well as allow me to check the overall look of my documents prior to printing. This assures me that my final product will look professionally formatted.
Many people use Microsoft Word 2013 each day to assist them in creating eye-catching documents. Generating decorative effects for text by adding shadows, reflections, glows, and other options is a feature known as WordArt. These drawing tools are useful when special attention is needed to highlight documents and make them stand out. This tool works well if you need to create brochures or handouts outlining certain important areas of documents. Although I have used it minimally, WordArt was useful for me when I needed to create a flyer to invite coworkers to a cookout and sell an item at work. WordArt allows the user to be as creative with their flyers and announcements as they desire to be. The

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