Wordpress Is The Most Popular Open Source Blogging Tool

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ABSTRACT: WordPress is the most popular open source blogging tool and also used as content management system based on MySQL and PHP, through plugins and widgets and themes. Recently, four different Plugins were vulnerable that made millions of sites at risk. The vulnerability occurred mainly by the injection of scripts that allows hackers to exploit millions of website. INTRODUCTION: WordPress is widely used blogging system that includes various features like plugins, themes, integrated link management like search engines, where nearly 60 million websites utilise these resources. Currently, four different plugins named “WordPress Fancybox”, “Wettable Powder Slim Stat”, and “WordPress SEO by Yoast” and “Google Analytics by Yoast” are vulnerable to hackers that make them to take in control. These four plugins have common issue but has different protocol designed flaw, which leads to injection of few scripts that leads hackers to exploit millions of websites. WordPress Fancybox: WordPress Fancybox Plugin is the most popular image displaying tool which has been exploited by earlier unidentified vulnerability (“Zero day exploit”). This unidentified vulnerability is dynamically available in the wild that makes millions of website at risk. This plugin mainly is used for displaying images, HTML content and multimedia, where most of popular websites use this plugin. The main problem is that designed protocol of the plugin is more vulnerable by permitting hackers to inject malicious

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