Work Site Injury

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Work site injury report: I got up late this morning…I had to make my children’s lunches…. they missed the bus…. I had to take them to school, one here the other there…I was forty-five minutes late to the work site and my team had to start without me. One of my best workers hurt his back trying to complete a two-man job. I should have been there. Safety requires of us to be proactive. This is a universal tool, if you will. We must always be aware of what is going on regardless of where we are and what we are doing, especially what others are doing around us. We see this everywhere we go. Whether we are aware of it or not it is a very big issue. We need to make safety a habit and we need to start right now! Why is safety so important? Safety is the most important detail on any given work site. No matter what the task may be or the conditions of your surroundings, safety takes precedents. We need to consider that taking caution means knowing our routine, developing an action plan, using proper tools, understand personal and team limitations, and always pursue high awareness. We want to know our job inside and out so that we can prevent a bad day. We need to be proactive! How to be safe! …show more content…

So how do we maintain safety? Always have a plan! Having a steady routine of getting ready for the day ahead of us may be the one thing that helps us get through it safely. So what are we talking about here? Time! Time is crucial we only have so much of it yet too much is known to be a grave danger as well. We need this equation to be balanced and we need to take every opportunity to insure that we are all on the same page when working solo in a nacelle or working with a team on a full throttle site

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