Workers Compensation Advantages And Disadvantages

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What is Workers’ Compensation? Workers' Compensation refers to benefits that are provided to injured workers in order to cover any expenses that are due to an injury that they incurred in the workplace and/or when performing a work-related task or activity. Workers' Compensation benefits in Washington DC. include medical benefits, cash payments, rehabilitation benefits and death benefits. It is important to note that any injury that the worker incurs while going to and coming from work or while doing any other extra-curricular activity or due to their own carelessness or horseplay or due to their own personal conflict with someone will not be entitled to any compensation. Workers’ Compensation Requirements in Washington D.C. Washington DC may be well-known for being the capital of the U.S. but at the same time, this city is also a booming economy and has many thriving industries that are not connected to the political or government sector. Washington DC enjoys significant presence in big segments such as finance, education, healthcare and scientific research. There are both large organizations as well as small and medium sized enterprises that continue to contribute to the economic growth of this region. As far as Worker's Compensation is concerned, all employers in Washington DC have to carry worker's compensation insurance if they have one or more employees. This includes all businesses including restaurants, colleges, hotels, medical clinics, auto shops, libraries etc.

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