Working Is More Important Than College Learning

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The social environment that I live in believes that working is more important than college learning. The community as the majority support that a fresh high school graduate should melt in the business world. After I graduated from high school, I started looking for any business that could be educationally and financially a self-improvement. As a matter of fact, I improved my income as well as my business experience. However, the business that I involved in required the English language. Despite of the business chances that I could invest in during the summer period at that time, I decided to go overseas to learn the basics of the English language. I traveled to the US where my older brother is studying. After the first day of arrival to the US, I Notice the changes that occurred to him. He used to believe in supporting working more than college learning as a member of our community. However, he became more knowledgeable in the field he worked in before traveling to get more knowledge in a developed country such the US. At that point, my negative perspective about education has been changed. After viewing the importance of education in a community that is different than my community as well as my brother’s self-improvement, I started to view education positively.
Since time in memorial, education has been one of the core sectors in many of the societies in the world. The purpose is to impart information and knowledge through the communication of ideas to the students. It

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