Working Out Better Than I Had Hoped

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This was working out better than I had hoped. I just couldn’t wait to see the look on her face when I tell her how sorry I am that Rudy and I had somehow fallen in love. She didn’t deserve someone like him in the first place. All she did was brag to everyone that her boyfriend is a top executive and she was living every girl’s dream. He was handsome, had money, lives in a plush apartment overlooking the city, and was head over heels in love with her. She would soon learn just how much he was in love with her after the two of them break up and she lends her shoulder for him to cry on. After a few drinks and she slip something in one once he gives any sign of getting drunk, it will be time for the surprise wakeup in the morning. …show more content…

I never thought I would ever see an outdoor hot tube in an apartment let alone two large walk in closet (only one used), a gourmet kitchen with refrigerator that look like food closets, a small movie room, two large bathrooms with bedrooms that belongs in a five star hotel (as if I had ever seen one from the inside), and a formal dining room. I thought I had seen everything until Marbella raised her nose and showed me Rudy’s master bedroom. Just the smug look on her face when she describes all the high-tech things he had in his room had me ready to scream. Oh, but when she politely informed me that the other two Room Suites (as if she didn’t’ learn the word from Rudy) were for guest when they have too much to drink after one of their dinner party they would start having. I got to work on taking what she never deserved. Besides, if anyone was going to get the hook up with someone with money and class, it was going to be her. I couldn’t believe how easy it was too talked her into bringing over an ugly statue as a house warming present, but the fool had and believed she had done something that would impress her boyfriend. The look of relief on Rudy’s face when I had said that I was only joking and that she had to admit something like this didn’t fit in his lavish apartment. When I had mentioned that I knew he would be embarrassed if his

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