Working Parents : The Value Of Working Parents

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Working parents work extremely hard to make sure their children are looked after and well taken care of. Employers sometimes do not realize the value of working parents and fail to help working parents out as much as they should. Many parents spend long hours at work and are forced to leave their children in the care of others. Companies that set rigid work hours are hurting American working parents by forcing them to make compromises just to provide for their families, and both companies and their employees would benefit from introducing more flexible schedules for working parents to the workplace. Working parents are forced to balance working long hours with spending time with their families. Claudia Wallis finds that “72% of mothers with children under 18 are in the workforce” and it is likely that the percentage for fathers is even higher (Wallis 6). With parents working, the question posed is who should watch the children? Some parents’ answer to this is a method called “tag-team parenting” (Gardner 3). This is a form of parenting in which one parent is always home, presumably watching the children, while another parent works. They switch off and the cycle continues. This puts unnecessary strains on family life. Marilyn Gardner reports that “parents working nights are more likely to separate or divorce than those on regular schedules” (Gardner 2). This is likely due to there not being enough family time with the parents working such odd hours. Families

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