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Task The purpose of the assessment is to produce a professional presentation on an aspect of professionalism in the workplace. In the tutorial in week 3 (tutorial 2) your tutor will issue a presentation topic to your team and spend some time discussing how you might approach it. The topics are: * Team Diversity Your team needs to research the topic and prepare a professional presentation to the board of directors of SOUND WAVE, an Australian ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT RETAILER with 68 stores and 3,500 employees. Your presentation should be structured as a PERSUASIVE PROPOSAL; your aim is to convince the board to implement your recommendation. Introduction The purpose of this presentation is to discuss a current issue affecting the…show more content…
The rationale for using teams is that there are inherent synergies, such that the team is greater than the sum of its parts. Teams allow both functional specialisation and collaborative interaction. Organisations should seek to form the most effective teams from their employees Australian workplaces are amongst the most diverse in the world. Many generations of immigration have created a diverse range of cultural backgrounds. The workforce is aging. There are more females employed and more employees come from non English speaking backgrounds. More people are shifting employers and occupations, bringing with them a greater range of skills, experiences and value sets. As the workforce becomes more diverse, so too will work teams These changes represent a challenge to Australian management. Diverse work teams operate differently to homogenous teams. There tends to be greater friction, conflict and communication problems. However, there are substantial potential gains to be made. There is strong evidence that diverse teams produce more creative and effective outcomes. In a dynamic environment where innovation and differentiation create strong competitive advantages, organisations need to harness this creativity. As illustrated in Figure 3, there are three major components of
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