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Chris Jones and Kai Greene are both very well known body builders across the world. Jones is natural which means he does not use anabolic steroids but Kai Greene is not natural.Though he is a much more experienced body builder that competes each year for the Mr. Olympia contest in Las Vegas, Nevada. Chris Jones uses a workout program based on his own knowledge which is a certain major muscle group trained seperately each day for example (monday: chest, tuesday: legs). Kai's workout routine is very similar but somewhat different for example he isolates different muscle groups on a daily bases. Bodybuilders train very similar to this training program nicknamed the "bro split." These trainees use high volume and low to high reps depending on the …show more content…

Weight lifting can always be beneficial for most athletes because it builds muscles strength and endurance but these types of athletes spend majority of their training time outside of the weight room. His training techniques consist of exercises in the water and on dry land which is based around endurance so he doesn't tired out as quickly or in the middle of a competition. His exercises consist of long distance swimming which is around 50 miles per week. His weight training mainly consist of body weight movements and high reps for endurance. Usain Bolt is a Jamacian sprinter and is recoreded as the fastest man in the world with a top speed of 27.79 mph. His training program consist of quick, high speed sprints, and long distance running for his enduranced speed. His lifting techniques consist of mostly body weight and quick and explosive exercises such as bunny hops, box jumps, core exercises, and some resistance exercises. Bolt and Phelps training programs are different but somewhat similar do to the fact that they are training for similar purposes and that is to be the fastest ones in the …show more content…

Bodybuilders train specifically for mass building only rather than who can lift the most weight; That would become powerlifting. Bodybuilders training techniques differ from anaerobic based athletes completely. Examples are bodybuilding training is involved around moving weight(volume) and varys on low to high reps for overload purposes(anywhere from 10-12, 4-6, and 1RM.) While anaerobic atheletes weight training methods differ such as the weight repitition which is alot higher in number, number of sets, and weight intensity which is usually lighter. These athletes are in the weight room for strength building, but mostly for muscle endurance to improve their

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