Essay on Workplace Conflict

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Workplace Conflicts between Team Members Conflict between team members will happen in the workplace because the fact that there will have an environment where decisions are made and personality clashes will occur. This doesn’t mean you have an unproductive workforce, it means you will have to be able to catch the problem early and know what to do with each individual case. People are going to disagree because they have different view points, different backgrounds and a different thought process, maybe even a different agenda for that project. People disagree for a number of reasons (De Bono, 1985). College graduates will be put into positions of uncertainty due to the lack of work history. This will in turn cause conflict, not knowing …show more content…

Using a third party will introduce new scenarios that will promote new thought process and cause students to look at ways to stop conflict and see it coming. This helps in the way of making students know that conversation and rationalization will resolve conflict instead of negativity (Freedman & Adam, 1996). Several situations that cause conflict negatively and positively, here are a few: Ambiguous jurisdiction, unresolved prior conflicts, Differentiation in organization, Goal incompatibility and conflict of interest, (Filey (1975). There are a great deal of positive outcomes from conflict, it can bring individuals and groups closer together, open new avenues of thought processes that might have been overlooked. Some companies will create conflict within a group or team to observe a managers ability to handle the situation. This is a good method of gauging whether he or she can see the conflict coming and turn it into a constructive learning experience so all team members are positive. More managers are being put in these positions so they will know the right question to ask or be able to generate the correct situation to defuse the problem before it escalates into a non productive workforce. Teams also benefit from managers properly handling situations correctly, after awhile teams will pick up on downward spirals and turn the situations around. All

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