Workplace Dogs

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Everyone should support bringing dogs into the work place. Not only do they make you happier throughout the day, they bring a vibe of joy and safety into the office. Dogs have better hearing and would allow a person to have beforehand knowledge if something was wrong or if they were not expecting something. A stress-free workplace is one that anyone would jump for the opportunity to have. Animals have been proven to make human's lives better to the point where people consider their pets to be family.

Dogs do indeed need to cared for, as in walks or interaction in general, but think of the jobs that could be created if people brought their dogs into work. Any pet lovers dream job would be one that enables them to be around animals all day, and there could be jobs where they pay you to make sure the dogs don't distract people from work and take care of them. If employers were to decide against that, then people could just take a resonable amount of shorter breaks. They would be working longer hours so they would get more breaks during the day anyways, and they would take those breaks to provide for their animal.
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The dogs that would be brought into a workplace would be well behavied pets that are obedient and know better than to bark at a sudden noise or bite. An intelligent decision would be to put the pet owners into their own area where they can enjoy the peace their dogs give them among themselves, and the others whom are allergic or simply do not like dogs would not have to interact with them. Employers have to be smart about their decisions, and try to compromise with both sides of the argument. Giving both sides what they want in a controlled and observed way is the smartest decision an employer can make in these
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