Workplace Motivational Theory Essay

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Workplace Motivational Theory
James Roberts
January 21, 2010
Dr. Sarah Christensen

Workplace Motivational Theory Assembling theories about how motivational processes work transpire through research on motivation and emotion and elude personal insights (Reeve, 2009). In assessing the scientific merit of motivational theories, hypothesis can spawn and put to objective empirical testing (Reeve, 2009). Motivational concepts one chooses should be meticulously chosen, and continuously assessed in contrast to new findings, with inadequate findings set aside, improving functional concepts, and new concepts always sought (Reeve, 2009). At University hospital radiology department, employees appear to motive themselves …show more content…

Independence and self-assessment result with added responsibility, leading to benefits for the department like reducing absenteeism and lowering employee turnover (Maxwell, 2008). With the recent change of policy concerning monetary percentage bonuses, employees display a reduction in motivation toward evaluation goals set forth by employees and their supervisors in the previous start of individual evaluation periods. The goal setting theory is becoming ineffective to motivate employees, as the motivating factor of a monetary reward is unattainable. Employees with intrinsic motivation will continue to strive for excellence, as those without will struggle to find a motivational incentive to continue a vertical path of self-improvement (Reeve, 2009). University hospital will need to assess this situation as the lack of employee motivation could directly affect production and customer satisfaction. Understanding what is important to employees of university hospital will be crucial in effectively motivating and adapting to individual employee needs (Maxwell, 2008). One motivational idea from Network Computing, the “Motivation Equation,” contends that everyone needs to be motivated differently, and asserts that the boss cannot motivate because the individuals have to motivate him or herself to be productive (Maxwell, 2008). The magic of motivation is another example of a motivational theory that

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