Worksheets : School And Kindergarten Classroom

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Worksheets v. Play in the Classroom
Jayla Reid
English 4 Honors
Mr. Wilson
Period 6
February 27, 2017

Worksheets in the preschool and kindergarten classroom are not developmentally appropriate practices and should be replaced quite often with play. Play is also considered as “hands-on-activities.” In order for a practice to be considered developmentally appropriate, it must be up to par in three categories. These categories are: age, culture, and individual appropriateness. Worksheets are not developmentally appropriate in any category nor age group. Specifically preschool and kindergarten. They are instruments used to pass time and serve as busy work. They do not promote nor maximize learning in any fashion. Worksheets are …show more content…

Some decided to branch off, while others directly followed her trail. While some worked after her, there was a theorist who worked closely with her while she was alive. Jean Piaget and Sara Smilansky together developed what they felt were the three categories of play. They were as listed: Sensorimotor play in which the children uses their sensorimotor skills to explore their surroundings, symbolic play in which the children use symbols to represent another object or thing, and games with rules in which children play and are able to follow as well as comprehend rules, understanding that there are certain rules for how certain things are played. From these categories, sociodramatic play is where Smilansky took her research to another level, developing the previous listed components of her theory. Beginning with functional play, this is important to have a setting dedicated to this form of play. According to researchers, Smilansky stated that functional play is using repetition in physical actions, language, and manipulation of objects, based on the need for physical activity. Functional play develops motor responses as well as both gross and fine motor skills. In the areas of learning through the manipulation of play, there should be “games” such as beanbag toss. In this the child can manipulate the beanbag, using their gross motor skills in which improving them. Stacking blocks is another way to achieve the outcome of

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