World Class Bull

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An ethical dilemma happens in the workplace more often then we expect. World Class Bull, written by John Humphreys, Zafar U. Ahmed and Mildred Pryor, is a prime example of how sales personnel can manipulate a potential client into a contract. Christopher Knox, a stellar sales employee at Specialty Fleet Services (SFS), just landed the Armadillo Gas & Power account. Samantha Williams, Human Resources Vice President of SFS, was now filing a breach of the company code of ethics against Christopher and the Vice President of Sales, Jeremy Silva for “deceptive business practices” used to make the sale (Humphreys, Ahmed & Pryor, 2009). Disrupting personal space of the client, starting a dishonorable relationship, and
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It was also very unprofessional for him to send out an email to his entire sales team on Christopher’s scheme on how he got the Armadillo Gas & Power account. I would definitely reprimand Christopher on his unethical and deceiving behavior towards Mr. Landry. However, I would not fire Christopher because the manager said it was “brilliant” (Humphreys, Ahmed & Pryor, 2009) on how Christopher landed the account in the first place, which gave Christopher the impression that it was okay for him to act this way to potential clients. I think the CEO should also conduct an ethics course showing his employees that they do take ethics seriously and do not expect this type of behavior to happen again at their company.


Humphreys, J., Ahmed, Z.U., & Pryor, M. (2009). World-Class Bull [Case Study]. Boston: Harvard Business
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