World, Education, And Characteristics Of The Aztecs

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The Aztec Empire

The Aztec, Inca, and Maya were all great and inventive empires with a rich culture. But only one can be the best. The Aztecs. The Aztecs were the best empire with mandatory schooling, floating gardens, and smart architecture. Learning is very important in an empire in order to succeed. The Aztecs had great schooling, where it was mandatory for everyone to go, boys, girls, and slaves. In the Maya empire commoners were not allowed to go to school. Children of the nobles were who got educated in math, astronomy, medicine, writing, and science. In the Inca empire it was the same way, nobles and royals only. If you were being educated in the Aztec empire everyone would learn songs and dances because they were part of religious ceremonies. Proper behavior was also taught to everyone and this was very important because you would often get killed for breaking a law. The girls and boys had separate schools as did the rich and poor, if you were a girl you would learn things like how to be a good mother, how to cook, and how to sew. If you were a boy you were taught fishing, hunting, and fighting. Since there are separate schools for the rich and poor, people had social classes. The Aztecs had three main social classes, first there was the nobility or pilli. Then there were the commoners or the macehualli. Then like any other empire at this time there were slaves. The Aztecs got their slaves and treated them different than most empires. The Inca and Maya empire

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