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AP World History Rachel Mahadeo
Mini-Essay Due: February 2, 2012 King Afonso I was king of Kongo during the 1520s. Qianlong was emperor of China during the Qing dynasty, during the 1790s. In the kingdom of Kongo, there were many Portuguese merchants whom had established close political and diplomatic relations with the king. These relations brought much wealth and recognition to Kongo, but it also brought problems that led to its inevitable destruction. Portuguese merchants embarked on slaving expeditions. Their tactics undermined the authority of the kings, who appealed repeatedly to the Portuguese to cease or at least to limit their trade in slaves. During the Qing dynasty, global trade brought much
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He wants there to be limited trade in slaves. In the document by Qianlong, he talks about trade between China and England. He says that the merchants should only trade at the trading post in Guangzhou. He does not want the merchants to trade from any other port, and if they do so, then these merchants shall forever be forbidden from trading there and will also be immediately thrown out. Both of these authors are similar due to the fact that they are both monarchs and they are also both writing this letter to the kings of countries in the west. Afonso I is king of Kongo, and Qianlong is the emperor of China during the Qing dynasty. They are both addressing matters that involve the west. Afonso I is writing his letter to the king of Portugal and Qianlong wrote this letter to King George III of England. They also both provided goods that were essential to those they are writing to. Afonso I of Kongo provided mainly slaves to those in Portugal, who were in much need of them. Qianlong of China provided mainly tea, silk, and porcelain to those in England, who could not go on without them. They also both wanted to put reforms on trade between their respective countries and the ones they are writing to. Afonso wanted the Portuguese to limit the number of slaves they took from the Kongo land. Qianlong wanted the English to only trade at Guangzhou, so that the merchants could overlook on what was going on and make sure that the foreign

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