World Language Level 1a Cornerstone 1 : My Interview

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World Language Level 1A Cornerstone 1: My Interview
Lesson Plan
Full-Cornerstone Lesson Plan
Approximately 3.0 hours of instruction
Brief Lesson Description: This lesson is designed to expose beginning level middle school and / or high school students to the vocabulary used to describe oneself. Students will be able to interpret basic personal information as well as present their own information to others.
Embedded Accessibility Supports: Graphic organizers, sentence stems, PPTs
Materials and Supplies
Technology Resources to prepare
Resource and preparation required Purpose When used
Internet Access

Key Standards
Standard 1.1: Students engage in conversation, provide and obtain information, express feelings
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Teacher circulates the classroom, keeping time and check-in in with individual students as needed.

Teacher asks, “What will we accomplish in class today? How will we know that we have been successful? What is the connection between today’s lesson and our unit goals?”

- Students enter classroom, collect any necessary materials, and proceed silently to their assigned seats.
-Students copy the target language objective and complete the daily Do-Now. Students will respond to the question “What are the different types of social media? What are they used for? How often do you use them”

-Turn and Talk (30 seconds): students discuss the day’s objective and make explicit connections

- Identify the names and purposes of social media through an individual list of words and names of social media. Warm-up and brainstorming

For reviewing the answers you can use circling strategies. 15-20
- Round 1: State the question “Do you use…?” and then add the name of a social media vocabulary words. Ask questions randomly around the class, making sure you point at the logos of the social media you are naming.
- Round 2: Repeat the question, but this time add “how often?” and then introduces the 5 adverbs using words written on the board and scaffolding. This is a good opportunity to review days of the week:
Always/ to facilitate understanding you can say “I use Facebook on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday” or

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