The Relationship Between Social Media And Elearning

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An investigation into the relationship between the use of social media and eLearning. Case of UK university students Introduction Interactions, communication and sharing have been extensive in today’s globalized world. This includes the circulation of billions and millions of messages, photos, videos and other contents in various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube (Bullas, 2012). In here, collaboration and teamwork as well as critical thinking are seen to significantly contribute towards proliferation of virtual learning and technology use. For this reason, studies on social media and its role in improving learning increased recently. Social media is an aggregate of applications derived and utilized through the internet, related to the Web 2.0 in terms of technological and ideological support. This also relates to transfer of contents that are virtually user-generated (Kaplan & Haenlein, 2009). A comprehensive literature review of relevant studies and active blogs was undertaken by Kietzmann et al. (2011) and they used a framework called Honeycomb in identifying and classifying various social media platform utilization. As a result, social media uses were described based on: identity, conversations, sharing, presence, platforms, relationship, reputation, and groups. Further analysis showed that identity was the most essential concern for users because it is associated with publicizing personal information over the web. Other researchers have
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