World Poverty Solution

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Singer’s solution to world poverty would cause more problems than without the solution. Singer came up with the solution to donate the money used on unnecessary things to charity, but that money is required for society today. People never know what could come up and must save money for unforeseen emergencies. The economy would change in many ways and social classes would work differently. The decision of what is necessary is dependent on location and other factors. Unnecessary objects could be considered necessary by other people for their mental health If Singer’s solution to world poverty is to donate the money that is not used for necessities, how would somebody decide how much to save for emergencies? The cost of medical emergencies is already high enough and causes people to lose so much money, even needing money donated to them to survive sometimes. If the people that used the money for that medical situation on charity instead of saving it, it could have caused the death of another human. If somebody’s house burned down, they would need money to help in an emergency like that, but if they didn’t save the extra money, they would need money donated to them. Who would decide how much money should be saved for an emergency? If money isn’t saved for emergencies, then it could be counter productive toward the safety of families within your community. The economy and social classes would be completely different if everybody followed Singer’s solution. If everybody kept the
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