World War II: American Vs. German Weapons

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World War II was one of the biggest wars of all time. From the destruction in Europe to the devastation in Japan. The soldiers that fought in the battles were one of the greatest assets of the war. They are the ones who did the fighting and fired the guns. When the citizens bought war bonds back then, salespeople used to say “a bond is a bullet in your best man’s gun.” But what about the gun itself? The U.S was coming out with new weaponry for soldiers. They were making semi automatic rifles and submachine guns, surpassing German bolt action rifles. We were also surpassing our allies, like France and the Soviet Union, who couldn’t make semi automatic rifles. (""infantry Weapons"+"World War II"")Going by the facts of the weaponry the soldiers…show more content…
It was one of the only things that kept a soldier safe. A rifle decided life and death throughout the war. The U.S had one of the best rifle, the M1 Garand, “the greatest battle implement ever devised” as quoted by General George S. Patton. It was one of the first semi automatic rifles in World War II, it held eight 36mm bullets and the clip self ejected itself when it was empty. It was spring activated and air cooled, so it never overheated. (American VS German Weapons) This rifle was superior to the German Gewehr 24(t). It was a bolt action rifle, so it didn’t have a fast rate of fire. It only held 6 36mm bullets and it did not have a detachable clip, so the soldier had to go through a long process to get the clip out of the gun. (American VS German Weapons) This proves that we had the upper advantage on the Germans. The U.S was also better than some of its allies, like France with their Kar 98k bolt action rifle. Like its rival Germany, it had a non detachable clip and held one less bullet than the Gewehr 24(t). Another ally we surpassed was the Soviet Union and their model 1938 carbine. It was the exact same specifications as the French Kar 98k. (""infantry Weapons"+"World War II"" ) The M1 Garand was more effective than all of its enemies and allies. It was even quoted by World War II veterans as “the gun that won the…show more content…
It took at least 70 dollars to make one Thompson and it took only 24 dollars to make an MP40. With this problem, the U.S made a new model, the M3, nicknamed the “grease gun.” It was a smaller version of the Thompson and it was completely made of metal. It used the same 30 round clip as the M1 and had a very special barrel, so it would never overheat. The U.S was able to cut the price to make these M3’s by at least 65%. (Bull, Stephen.) The U.S won many battles with both submachine guns and they continued on as
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