Thompson submachine gun

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  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    Twenty minutes later, he steps up to her apartment’s steps, pressing his finger against the button. After a loud buzz and a click, Ruby’s voice comes through. “Goodness! It’s two in the morning! This better be important!” she growls angrily through the scratchy speaker. “C’mon, baby, it’s me, Joey!” he exclaims happily. “Ugh, go chase yourself, doll. I ain’t up for nothing tonight,” she mumbles back. “Look, Rube, I’m all balled up. I just really need to talk to ya,” he replies in a depressed tone

  • The War Of World War I

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    hitting some of the landing crafts. You look around and saw about 11 landing crafts had exploded and burnt in flames. You see burnt bodies on the railings and on the water. You were hoping that none of your friends died from the mortar strike. You see gun fire from the cliff shooting downwards towards you. Someone yelled out “get down”. You ducked down. You saw people in your boat fell to the

  • World War II: American Vs. German Weapons

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    fought in the battles were one of the greatest assets of the war. They are the ones who did the fighting and fired the guns. When the citizens bought war bonds back then, salespeople used to say “a bond is a bullet in your best man’s gun.” But what about the gun itself? The U.S was coming out with new weaponry for soldiers. They were making semi automatic rifles and submachine guns, surpassing German bolt action rifles. We were also surpassing our allies, like France and the Soviet Union, who couldn’t

  • Different Weapons Used in World War II

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    used gun in the war was the M1 Garand. In the beginning of the war, almost every soldier carried it. It was easy to use, maintain, and reload even if the person using it was inexperienced. The Soviet PPsh-41 was the second most used gun in the war. It was mainly used for short range attacks because it wasn’t very powerful or accurate. The Thompson Submachine gun was the third most used gun. The Allies used this gun mostly because of its stopping power and how fast it could shoot. The Thompson was

  • The United States and Assault Rifles Essay

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    advanced of their time. The new weapons produced three times the amount of firepower either sides of the Civil War could produce at any given time. These weapons were feared by the citizens of the time. These new weapons consisted of the Thompson, a submachine gun, which fired a .45 caliber bullet at high velocities. This rifle became the standard fully automatic rifle for the United States Armed Forces. Though this weapon had a very important role in winning the war, it was also used in various

  • Last Stand of Fox Company Essays

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    The story of Fox Company’s last stand in the frozen hills of northern Korea serves As a testament to the human will in the face of overwhelming forces of opposition. The never say die attitude of every man on that hill is proof why the Marines can take every hardship that the world can throw at them and still have the ingrained training while having the attitude to fight back, keep moving, with the will to never give up. There were many brave heroes at the battle of Fox Hill but one Private Hector

  • Zombie Behavioral Patterns

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    closed from the outside. Sam’s Club In Sam’s Club you have a good amount of things for a period of time. You have a lot of food to keep yourself alive. Food will be necessary in survival. Guns & Ammunition Store In a Gun and Ammunition store you have many things to be protected. You have plenty to survive Guns, Ammunition, & Protective Gear. When trying to find a safe place to stay in remember be in a place that has good protection on the outside and many useful items on the inside. If near a military

  • Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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    Gun control is a very controversial topic for Americans. Many feel that due to the recent tragedies, Congress should enforce stronger gun control law while others believe that banning assault weapons will not help reduce crimes. In the article titled, “Treasure the Second Amendment, but Ban Assault Rifles”, Miller argues that assault weapons should be banned, but the second amendment right to bare arms should be valued. While in the article titled, “A Ban on Assault Weapons Would Not Reduce Crime”

  • Essay about The History of Guns in America

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    The History of Guns in America What is the importance of the gun? The gun is one of the most important tools in the defense of our nation. Guns are responsible for a lot of death and injuries, but these things were going on before the existence of the gun. Guns aren't the reason for the death and injuries, they are just a means to it. They are tools and an engineering marvel of our age. The gun has evolved from a simple weapon that caused limited destruction to the modern gun that is so fast

  • Banning Assault And Semiautomatic Weapons

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    Statistics show that in 2015, there were 372 mass shootings, killing 475 people and wounding 1,870. Also in 2015, there were 64 school shootings, that number include incidents where a firearm was shot but no one was injured. There are roughly 300 million guns in the United States, which is about a third of the population. The U.S. Department of Justice and the Council on Foreign Affairs reported that "11,385 people died on average annually in firearm incidents in the U.S. between 2001 and 2011." During