World War II And What Else Will Be Better Than A

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I chose to read this book out of the list because my favorite time period in history to study is World War II and what else will be better than a detailed account on the life of the fascist dictator that the war centered on. The single person who we give credit for starting the war and who had influence on the masses. Hitler, A Study in Tyranny by Alan Bullock is a book with a purpose of exploiting the complete life of Adolf Hitler starts the day he was born, April 20th, 1889 until May 7th, 1945, just a week after his death and the official German unconditional surrender of the Second World War.

As it should the beginning of biography begins with Hitler’s birth, which I was surprised to find out that his parents, Klara Polzl and Alois Hitler were second cousins by marriage and gives several other facts about his family that can provide some insight on the early life of Hitler and family dynamics that shaped him. Compared to other pieces written about Hitler, Bullock does a great job of incorporating his early life to establish his personality traits as a young man that affects his style as a leader later on. It is established that from a young age, he had little to no work ethic, lacked social skills, was usually poor, and was an unskilled artist. The other part that stood out to me, in the beginning, is Bullock gives details about what the others dictators that worked with and/or against Hitler were doing during his birth time. These men included the famous Lenin,

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