World War Two Inventions

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What does the microwave, Penicillin, and the atomic bomb have in common? All these things and more came out of the invention period of World War Two. There were many advancements and inventions to come from World War Two, many of which are used in warfare today. Some are even used in common citizen life all over the world, whether it be the equipment, weaponry, or even medications. Many of the technological advancements of World War Two revolutionized our world as we know it today. There were many different kinds of equipment used in World War Two. One of the most important inventions of the war was radar. In 1886, Heinrich Hertz discovered the technology to develop the radar, and it was heavily developed and improved by the British.…show more content…
Garand in 1919. There were several designs for this gun over the years, the first of them being the M1922, which underwent testing in 1924, with a .30-06 caliber and a primer-operated breech. The second design for the gun was M1924, which produced an indifferent outcome, but resulted in a .276 caliber, gas operated model based on the results. Garand’s model competed with the T1 Pedersen in the spring of 1931, and there was also a single .30-06 model tested, but withdrawn, due to a cracked bolt. Garand’s model easily defeated Pedersen, and was recommended for production on January 4, 1932. On August 3, 1933, 75 of the redesigned semi-automatic rifles, caliber 30 M1 were ready for testing the next May, with them being standardized on January 9, 1936, and the first production model being cleared on July 21,…show more content…
Penicillin is still used in hospitals, and tetanus shots are given as immunizations to children. There are major developments in curing severe wounds, and blood transfusion is much easier to complete. Many diseases and injuries have their own medications, but there also is still medications that cover a variety of symptoms like the MB760.
World War Two was a very inventionative time in our history. In order to keep up with the war and its demands, people all over the world were creating and developing different equipments, weapons, and medications. Everything, from cavity magnetrons becoming microwaves, to the V-2 missile helping land us on the moon, even to figuring out how to complete skin grafts, none of these things we take for granted today would have been possible without World War
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