Worldview : The Greatest Thing About Growing Up

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Worldview The greatest thing about growing up is being able to form your own mind. You are able to frame your own worldviews and decide what values are the most important to you. Though some of these values and beliefs may have been pushed on you at first, for some people you are given a choice of accepting them. As someone who grew up in a very Christian family, most Sunday mornings were being dropped off at Sunday school and reading bible stories. Life was lived by what was put forth by the bible, and what was deemed acceptable thereof. For myself, by the time pre-teens hit, so did the rebellious side. There was no longer an interest in being told how to live and what was right and wrong base off of a religion. Later in life I would …show more content…

When you get out of the military you continue to be apart of that family as you enter back into society as a civilian. Even then you find yourself searching for other communities to become a part of. As a student getting involved in any student veterans program can help adjust back into civilian life and keep you part a of close knit group. Personally I find great comfort in being a part of that community, not only for the camaraderie, but the continuous support. The LGBT community is another community that I have felt welcomed to and try to be affiliate with as much as possible. My involvements in groups such as the Gay Straight Alliance and PFLAG provide me not only great support, but also give me the chance to give that support I didn’t have when I was younger. Offering up experiences and knowledge can play a huge role in someone’s life. Allowing them to see that they are not alone in a confusing world and that someone truly cares about them.
A privilege that people often overlook is being able-bodied in both a physical and mental state. For myself I have the ability to do many things others do not. I was able to join the armed forces while many were turned away because of a physical condition or mental incapacity. Even at the age of 18 some individuals are turned around for things that didn’t know they have. Having all my toes, and fingers or not having a history of mental illness in my family allowed me

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