Compare And Contrast Worldviews

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Comparing Worldviews Worldviews vary from person to person and faith to faith, resulting in everyone seeing the world through their own assumptions and beliefs. Out of the many worldviews discussed in the text, Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity, and in class three stood out to me for comparison. These three worldviews consist of Naturalism, Pantheism and Polytheism. Worldviews, although not always correct, are how people see the world and reflect on our expectations about life. Differences can be seen in beliefs such as if they believe in a spiritual world, a material world, or both. Worldview’s purposes are to explain the purpose of man and the world. All three worldviews attribute the problems in the world to different aspects based on their beliefs and have diverse notions of how to resolve the world problems. Although a few similarities can be found among these world views, there are multiple differences found. When attempting to explain the purpose of man and the world, all three worldviews use different approaches. Naturalism believes man is here by chance, that humanity just happened and one day it will phase off the earth. Polytheism takes the approach of men and creatures on earth being the creation of gods and were put here to entertain the gods and spirits. Pantheism believes only in a spiritual world, so everything outside the spiritual world is an illusion. Naturalism and Pantheism are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum

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