“Worst Case Scenario” – the Nightmare

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Uyanga N

Chapter 3: Case Study 4: “Worst Case Scenario” – The Nightmare

1. Overview of the issue:

Small acute care hospital CEO received call from night supervisor. The four-bed intensive care unit (ICU) was full and the supervisor asked the CEO if one of the ICU patient could be transferred elsewhere to receive car accidents victim from Emergency Department (ER). One of the ER patient’s injuries was so severe that she had to get into the ICU in less than two hours because only the ICU had the necessary technology to keep this patient alive. Since there are no funds to add ICU beds, what steps should the CEO of this hospital take to plan for the worst case for a full ICU bed scenario? (Longest, & Darr, 2008)

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Stage 2 begins when 3 of the 4 beds are filled and this involves meeting of key heads of departments such as ICU, IMC, ICU physician, nursing supervisor, head of Medical Surgical unit and Physician, head of Transportation and supplies Department. At this time, each person gives a report of their current situation. Based on this it is decided on what to do if the need arises for more ICU beds. Whether there will be an inter–hospital transfer or intra-hospital transfer and the possibility of doing both if the need arises. These decisions are then prepared for in advance. Stage 3 is when the plan agreed upon in Stage 2 is implemented and when the fourth bed is filled (Tan).

4) External resources that has to be inventoried are monitored transportation, availability of beds in nearby hospitals for intra – hospital transfer, availability of nursing staff if the hospital uses a staffing agency and physician specialist that may be needed such as heart surgeon.

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