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Her eyes darted to the front of the screen, as her fingers lay ready above the keyboard. Unsure of whether or not she should do this, she reminded herself with the feelings that she faced earlier. She took a breath and exhaled the anger that had built up inside her since that day. She looked at her reflection on the black screen only to see that face that was ridiculed a few days ago. The person who could not possibly be an engineer based on her looks and appearance. Frustrated, she turned on the laptop with a swift motion and logged onto Twitter before her conscience tells her otherwise. She uploaded a photo of her that she had taken earlier, holding nothing but a thin sheet of paper that could have just been overlooked. In neat and …show more content…

Looking deeper into the study, Karen Randazzo, a chemistry teacher, believes that this is due to “how we treat our girls.” She thinks that society has caused this, and had held back women from pursuing what they desire due to that effect. Even after decades of fighting past this, it is still in our reality today. In 2015, a nobel prize winning-biochemist Tim Hunt made headlines when he stated, “ the ‘trouble with girls’ was that three things happen when they are let into the lab: ‘you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticize them they cry’.” When a person of high rank and respect creates a statement of such, it becomes clear that society overall still is biased even if we have come a long way. Additionally, some believe that the root cause the the spreading of the stereotypes happens at a young age. As a child, one is exposed to the cultures and beliefs of the world, and unfortunately that includes stereotypes as well. For example, children are often targeted towards certain toys and games to play and that triggers a response that they are assigned to it. Philips, Cassie has addressed this idea by stating, “From toys that are targeted at boys to portrayals of STEM professionals in the media, women are led to believe that there is no place for them in this field.” Of course, that effect is a slowly alleviating, but it leaves us to wonder why these small changes can’t be made sooner. Amy Dier, has stated, “As I was going through a

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