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6.) Chris stared in a number of plays throughout college, he traveled to Paris, and he took a trip abroad that was stimulating and rewarding, but it was lonely for him. It was hard for him to not have someone to share his experiences with during this time. During this time he missed the woman he was seeing, missed his friends, and missed the student life at Cornell. He wanted to change his flight to come home sooner, but at the time couldn’t afford the difference in price. The last three months of his trip in Paris, he couldn’t wait to go home because he had no particular structure in his life and felt like he needed to do something productive instead of being an observer. 7.) In 1973, Chris returned to Cornell and tried to settle back into campus life and he had to…show more content…
In late January, Stark Hesseltine called him to tell him that he’d been asked to audition for a major studio. In January 1977, he rang the doorbell to a suite and was escorted to meet the producer and director of Superman. Chris describes his early success on Broadway as being different from the legendary Katherine Hepburn, the adventure of filming Superman on the streets of New York, and how the movie made him a star. He continued to move frequently between film acting and theater work in New York, Los Angeles, and at the Williamstown Theatre Festival in the Berkshires. Reunited with his Bostonians director, James Ivory, in 1992, he traveled to England to work with Emma Thompson and Anthony Hopkins in The Remains of the Day. 8.) Christopher officially arrived home from Kessler in December of 1995 and his family started to prepare for Christmas. They all realized that his home needed to be modified I he wanted to have any mobility and freedom. He tried to keep his spirits up, even with all of his limitations by reminding himself that he was home with his family and had started a new
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