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How to Write an APA Comparative Analysis Your university English Language teacher has asked you to write a comparative analysis paper. This paper, also known as a compare and contrast, allows the writer to analyze two different things or ideas. She wants you to write the paper in APA format. APA is an acronym for American Psychological Association. The APA’s format is popular in education, social sciences and behavioral sciences. This article will help you format a comparative analysis paper. The first step in your thesis is to conduct research in books, articles, and scholarly journals. . Make notes of important concepts found in the book or article. Paraphrase the notes on note cards or on a separate sheet of paper. Be sure to write down …show more content…

If you have previous research on your topic, it needs to be cited here. The introduction is listed on the third page of your comparative analysis. You put the background information and purpose of your thesis, present your problem, explain why © 2012 Study All rights reserved. If you need study resources contact us. the problem is important, and identify works which are applicable to the paper. You also put your

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