Writing 105cw Reflection

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To simply put it, Writing 105cw was not a class I had ever planned on taking. Being an Economics and Accounting major, I had my eyes set on Writing 107A or Writing 107B. Sadly, these classes filled up in the blink of an eye. With one more class to fill, I searched frantically and stumbled upon Community Writing. With little info about the course available on Gold, I decided to take the gamble. Next, I had to choose the right Professor. Reading reviews of Chris Dean, I thought he would be a cool and experienced person I could learn a lot from. Though, I still had my hesitations. Ultimately, the payoff well exceeded any worries that I had. Writing 105cw provided me with valuable lessons that a normal classroom environment would not give me. …show more content…

I cannot tell you how many people I met that I would have never spoken to prior to working for Jesus Burgers. To emphasize, Friday nights are party city on the streets of Isla Vista, so the people are not always the calmest and rational at our events. A fair amount of them are under the influence of some sort of drug, whether alcohol or weed that may cause them to act a little differently. However, I did not let that stop me from treating these people any differently. It was actually quite enjoyable. They would do backflips, try to pay for the burgers, and just have a good time. At the same time, I would be even more social than normal. Yet, that was not the highlight of my service. While I was proud of the person I was becoming, I far more valued the work I was doing. I cannot count how many time people told us how important we were to them, or how blessed they were to be here every Friday. This truly proved how important my work and the work of this group was to the community. So, through the start of my volunteering to the end, I went through a lot of personal growth that not only helped me be a better individual but better

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