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Writing an essay has always been a difficult and tedious task in my opinion. The writing process I followed when creating the original assignment consisted of research, a rough draft, a small amount of editing, and a final draft. Researching the topic was the first step I took in writing my paper. I searched for credible and useful information that would have a positive effect on my essay. After gathering my information, I worked to create an outline that would assist in the organization and structure of my essay. I then used my outline to begin a rough draft by inserting research, as well as my own thoughts and ideas. After editing and revising my essay, I ended with a final draft. The editing done to the paper was basic and done solely by myself. I did not use any resources such as the writing center. Along with this, peer reviews were not helpful as my group did not strive to make any meaningful corrections or provide any constructive criticism. Because I had little corrections the amount of editing or revising done was limited. Throughout the duration of this class, the process in which I write an essay has changed.
Overall, the revision process for the new and improved essay was a great deal different than the first essay. To decide what information I wanted left alone and what information I should take out, I went through my original assignment and read the comments made by my instructor. The comments helped me indicate which pieces of the essay were well written

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