Writing An Essay: How To Improve My Writing

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1. What do you think that essay was lacking most? By rereading the essay, I was able to identify that it was lacking a sense of direction. Going through the paragraphs, it looks like I am stitching together evidence from the book, that doesn’t really go that well. Also, not only did I stick together evidence, I reused the evidence on multiple occasions in different paragraphs, causing a sense of redundancy. What really surprises me is that I did extensive planning before I sat down to right this essay, and that just goes to show that it wasn’t enough. Knowing the basic principals of literature, and an understanding of what you are writing is key to maintaining a great essay. After all, if you don’t thoroughly understand what you are writing,…show more content…
What is one general way that you can improve your writing? One general way that I can improve my writing is by, going over the basics of literature. I didn’t pay attention that much in elementary school, so I probably missed out on crucial tips that could make be a better writer. The basic principles of literature include but are not limited to: avoiding redundancies, trimming long sentences, avoiding the use of long quotes, and by always having a plan before sitting down to write an essay. After all, if you go into an essay without a clear-cut understanding of what you’re about to write about, it’ll just look like a vortex of ideas stitched together with…show more content…
Considering what you've written above, what will you attempt to demonstrate with Advanced Proficiency on your upcoming essay? To demonstrate Advanced Proficiency in my upcoming essay is by first, thoroughly preparing my essay before sitting down to write it. I would plan out each paragraph, and make any necessary changes when writing my essay. If I combined this with going over the basics of literature, expanding my vocabulary, and troubleshoot my grammar, I believe I will demonstrate Advanced Proficiency. But, all of these tasks wouldn’t matter if I don’t have a great understanding of the poem. That’s why I will strive to understand the poem in-depth, before I even begin to plan my essay. I’m fairly confident that by the end of all these, I’ll be a better writer than ever
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