Writing Skills Are An Important Way Of Communicating Essay

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Writing skills are an important way of communicating. Writing skills, build a different connection between the writer and reader in a different way from oral communication. Writing encourages critical thinking, which helps writers learn how to interpret the world around them. Good writing skills allow students to give a certain message clearly. GSW 1100 has introduced me to many different aspects of writing that was completely new to me. During the time, I spent as a high school student, I never had to write more than a three-page paper. Although I have always had the potential to complete a great paper, there was always some errors. However, while in my first semester in college, all the requirements for a paper changed. This semester I have learned that I am not one of the best writers. Therefore, I may not be passing the GSW1100 course, but I have improved in my writing. I have learned a few strengths about myself through writing. One would be how doing basic research and how to cite them. Another would be how I take processes to help me succeed in my writing. Finally, how I manage to keep my essays organized and make my points clear.
To start, I have completed a few processes that helped me write my essays. For my first essay, I completed it and felt very confident. I completed my first essay just like I would back in high school. When I was in high school, I would just try to complete my essays within the first two days. The second essay requirements were a bit…

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