Written Assignment, 5 Responses: Main Virtues of Confucianism

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Q.1 What are the five relationships and the five main virtues of Confucianism? How would you evaluate the harms and benefits of defining society and reciprocal duties as Confucius did? In Confucian thought there are five classifications of relationships, all but one of which are hierarchical in nature: Father and Son, Elder brother and Younger brother, Husband and Wife, Friend and Friend, Ruler and Subject. Each of these relationships exists in parallel to the others and the rules governing one are generally applicable to the others. These relationships consist of complementarities; the subordinate in each of them is beholden to the super ordinate only provided that the dominant party fulfills their responsibilities. These relationships are essentially contractual and it is clear that the teachings of Confucius, Mencius and Zhu Xi regarding governance essentially constitute a social contract. " Decide on standard weights and measures after careful consideration and reestablish official posts fallen into disuse, and government measures will be enforced everywhere. Restore states that have been annexed revive lines that have become extinct, raise men who have withdrawn from society and the hearts of all the common people of the Empire will turn to you". "What was considered of importance: the common people, food, mourning and sacrifice? If a man is tolerant, he will win the multitude. If he is trustworthy, in word the common people will entrust him with responsibility. If

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