Xenospobia Of Xenophobia

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There is approximately 46.6 million immigrants in the United States. Immigration is considered to be a worldwide issue, but the real problem is xenophobia. Xenophobia is an intense, fearful, or irrational dislike of people from other countries. The United States has a history of discriminating against these minorities. It started as early as 1619 when the first slaves from Africa were brought to America. It has become part of American culture to fear any immigrants and to only trust those from white, European descent. This factor is keeping the United States from achieving its maximum potential. One of the greatest obstacles that prevents the USA from becoming a Utopia is its Xenophobic outlook.
The primary problem that is keeping the United States from becoming a Utopia is its xenophobic perspective. The United States has a history of discrimination against those from other countries.“The most recent U.S. American anti-immigrant animosity”, concerning illegal immigrants from Mexico “finds deep roots in the nation’s history” (Mikulich 1). From the African Americans in the 15th-17th century, the Irish in the 1800s, to the Latinos in present day society; the US has made integration very difficult. The citizens believe that “if the citizens of the United States don’t get to decide who qualifies for citizenship and who benefits from government programs, then citizenship is made meaningless by denying them control over their laws and their spending” (Byrne). They believe that

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