Yeti Hiring

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Unlike the yeti, though just as elusive, the yeti crab is no creature of fable. The yeti crab, also known as Kiwa hirsuta, has introduced not only a new species of crustaceans, but an entirely new and unique genus as well. The genus Kiwa was chosen after the Polynesian goddess of shellfish, and the species name hirsuta represents the crab’s hairy, yeti-like arms. Determined to be a decapod, it is related to crabs, lobster, and shrimp. The creature is differentiated from these by its lack of eyes and its obvious yeti-like appearance. Found on the Pacific-Antarctic ridge near Easter Island, this benthic creature is a very strange spectacle. The deep-sea creature survives in a very specific environment, and uses the hair on its legs for most of

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