Yog Becoming More Than A Popular Exercise

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When most Americans picture yoga, they think of an old indian man sitting in a long robbed dress with his legs crossed in a posture that seems very uncomfortable, except peaceful for the majority of yoga professionals who are in healthy physical shape. Yoga is a system of exercises for attaining bodily or mental control and well-being. This may include the control of breathing, simple meditation, specific body movements and widely practice for relaxation and health. Yoga is becoming more of a popular exercise because it not only helps lose weight, but also helps gain flexibility and strength. Once yoga is practiced for a while, it not only proves that it is great for the body, it also proves how great it is for the mind. Many Americans are getting more involved with yoga because it is easy to do and the benefits are amazing. Yoga can be done anywhere, in the privacy of your own home where you follow it through videos on the television, or in a classroom with a certified instructor who teaches you the poses and the breathing techniques. The Columbia Journalism “Everybody loves yoga; sixteen and a half million Americans practice it regularly, and twenty-five million more say they will try it this year. If you’ve been awake and breathing air in the twenty-first century, you already know that this Hindu practice of health and spirituality has long ago moved on from the toe-ring set. Yoga is American; it has graced the cover of Time twice, acquired the approval of A-list

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