The President Of The United States

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The President of the United States is a well respect and immensely powerful position. Every 4 years, a new president is elected. Many highly respect individuals hold competition for this career, presenting their ideas and beliefs for the American people to support or refute. The United States current president, Barack Obama, is ending is 2nd term in office. This starts the debate and discussion of who will take his place as president. Currently, there is an enormous selection of individuals who people believe to be qualified for the position. However, the American people believe there is one individual who stands out amongst the crowd. He is a Queens New York native who did well both socially and academically. He graduated from both…show more content…
His policies and ideals will prove to make America great again. The majority of Americans believe that the economy is the first major problem that needs to be fixed by the next upcoming president. As seen in a GALLUP poll, when asked over 12 different debatable topics, economy was number one by 39% total. (GALLUP) Since this is seen as a major problem, we would need a person who deals with economic markets, statistics, and values to address the need. This is a perfect position for Trump, as he runs multi-billion dollar companies that address similar problems daily. The economy cannot be describe in one word, nor can all the factors that effect it ever be listed. There are however some major key points that can be dissected. Currently, during Obamas administration, the nation is in a deficit of 18 trillion dollars and growing rapidly. (USDEBTCLOCK) To reverse this, or to get into a surplus, you need to make the governments revenue higher than its expenditures. This means you have to make reforms and cuts to current spending habits as well as increase cash flow to increase revenue. Trump has many plans and ideas of how to successful accomplish this. First and foremost, the spending on immigrants who come to this country illegal must be halted. No other president candidate has addressed this problem with as many effective solutions as Trump has. The United States in 2011 has spent 4.2 billion dollars on a majority of costs just associated
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