You And Your Assistant Igor Have Just Created Frankenstein

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1. You and your assistant Igor have just created Frankenstein. Describe your strategy to protect the intellectual property, including reasons for selecting your choices and not selecting others. If I were to select an intellectual property protection for Frankenstein in order to protect it as valuable corporate asset, I would carefully analyze the costs and benefits of each form of protection and decide what type of intellectual property protection I want for my creation. I would like to file for a patent application with the government since it allows exclusive rights to the invention. It is a novel invention involving the creation of human life by piecing together a human dead body, the parts of which have been collected from various…show more content…
I can protect it through employment secrecy agreement between myself and my assistant Igor. A trade secret is a plan, process, formula, or any other valuable information not patented but which gives its possessor a competitive trade advantage as long as it is kept secret .While the benefits of strong patent protection for 17 years seemed appealing, the down-side is that the secret recipe would be publicly disclosed and would be free for anyone to duplicate once the patent expires. While a patent protection might have been sufficient for a typical product of average market life span, I think Frankenstein is no ordinary/ average product. Therefore I want to give it the longest lasting protection available - protection that simply is not affordable by a patent. Moreover, there’s no substantive difference between patents and trade secrets. I don’t think this invention can be a copyright since it’s not an artistic creation or printed matter like literary, dramatic, musical work. I wouldn’t choose a trademark protection, since it not apply to the invention. A trademark typically includes a symbol, word, or words legally registered or established by use as representing a company or product. 2. You are the FDA’s cGMP inspector in Transylvania. What potential issues would have to be resolved in Dr. Frankenstein’s lab with his process for the creation of his creature? As a cGMP inspector, I would

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