- You Live With Him Now?. - He Bought Our House. He Said

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- You live with him now? - He bought our house. He said I could stay there. Anyway, how 's that any of your business? He deserves better than this. You must do the right thing. Forget about me. We 're here to decide if we want you to come back. You have no idea what we 've had to deal with. I 've done some introspection and I 've realised my mistake. Let 's not forget that I 'm in here because I 'm protecting you. You deserve to be in here. My friend? My friend? Valentine? She left me. She 's gone. She left without me! She left me! She 's gone! My friend 's gone! My Valentine 's gone! She 's gone! Nzuzo, you need to sit down for this. You won 't believe it. Hlengiwe, I 'm not in the mood for gossip. Msindazwe. …show more content…

I 'm a real bull. When I bellow grown men get diarrhoea. You see them running to the toilet. When I 'm done with this place, all the men of KwaMashu... will kneel before me and wash my feet. Never mind the women. They 'll be pulling at each other 's petticoats... just to get into my bed. Nkunzi, the cool Kruger with the Kruger millions. Sbu... can you update me... on Mdletshe. Pastor Mdletshe? He 's a man of God. The whole community loves him. Therefore, we need to have him on our side. You know what I 'm saying? I heard you two talking. She wasn 't happy. But I hope you have some good news for me. - What did you hear? - That doesn 't matter. What matters is the outcome of your conversation. I guess she 's... She just needs more time. Maybe. - Maybe? - Yes. Listen, I asked you to talk to her on my behalf because I trust you, my friend. There 's no one else who can make her realise that I genuinely love her. - And that I need her now more than ever. - Yes, but hold on a minute. Two years is a long time. You can 't expect her to just run back into your arms. Is that what she said? She needs time? How much time? Zandile said a lot of things, but the way I see it she 's... Well, she 's... confused. I hear you. You know, I 'm hoping that... she realises that I 'm back. I want us to be one again. Till death do us part. Look, have you ever considered that she might have moved on? Maybe she... she found someone

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