What Is The Meaning Of The Song I Miss The Mountains

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A person passes through different stages of life as they develop from childhood to adulthood. Every stage comes with unique needs and challenges that have to be met and addressed if the involved person is to develop as effectively as expected. It has been identified that the adolescent and young adulthood stages are among the most critical stages of development in the life of a person. It is in the two stages a person acquires the ability to understand the realities of life in the societies in which they could be living. In the context of the current assignment, I have chosen the young adulthood stage as one in which I will be covering and reflecting regarding the way it is presented in the song ‘I Miss the Mountains’ by Next to Normal …show more content…

It is apparent that the group were targeting the people in the younger stages of life and urging them to take proper judgments in everything that they do to be able to avoid regrets in the future. The song covers all the features of the advice that a young adult, one who has passed through adolescence and all the other stages of life, has to the people in their early stages of life. It is apparent that the song is developed from the context that young people stand the risk of making regrettable mistakes. As such, the speaker in the lyrics of the song aims to raise awareness to the people in their young stages of development, urging them to enjoy life but be sure to ensure that they take responsibility in all that they do. It is also clear that the speaker is talking out of her own experience, and using it to impart appropriate lessons to the young audience that the song is targeting. I believe that given the choice of the young adulthood stage I chose for this assignment, the song is appropriate as it covers all the issues that I intended to communicate in the current paper.
I chose the theme of identity diffusion, which entails a person being able to identify who they really are as per the realities of the life in the societies in which they live. Identity diffusion emerges more clearly in the stage of a young adult as in such a stage; an individual is able to understand

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