Young Adults Vs Young Adulthood

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Course concepts that I identified in young adulthood for 18-24 year olds were intimacy versus isolation, and implementation. Young adults are in Erikson 's stage of intimacy versus isolation the girls whom, I distributed the questions are in this phase of development. In young adulthood years, this is a time for self-discovery searching for their true selves. This is done by either getting involved in intimate relationships or being isolated. Three of the participants experienced intimacy while participant two experienced isolation. They did not successfully find their own identity, which caused them to be reliant on their partner 's identity or fearful of entering a serious relationship (Kail, 2013). When their relationships ended, they did not have a sense of their own identity seemed to view their sense of self strongly associated with their romantic interest. For example, realizing they had to do what was best for them noticing that at times it is better to be alone. In this age trying to form relationships with others, but these can end up in heartbreak. Therefore, it results in having a problematic time coping with this loss of intimacy. For instance, participant five assuming that her academic performance will suffer because of her breakup with her significant other. The second concept that some of the girls who took my questionnaire experienced was implementation, which is one of Donald’s Super theory stages. Two of my participants are working part-time, which
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