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Fiction is used as a widespread educative tool to inform adolescents in contemporary society. Therefore, writers have to be cautious in writing youth subject matters. Particularly, the themes should be appeal the interests and the age group, ability to explore the world complexities and problems encountered in teenage (Stark 2013).However Young fictions themes has created controversies in modern Australia.
Drug addiction has been one of contentions issues in young adult fiction in Australia. These impacts would address in this essay in two areas: positive impacts in dealing with the issue and the detrimental consequences.
Adverse impacts of the subject- drug addiction, describe in different aspects. (Especially young explorers may fraught with the danger of misinterpretation).This topic should be handled …show more content…

Fiction is a powerful way for the young to experience the tragic consequences of drug addiction and how successfully the characters overcome the challenges they face
. Adolescence could talk about their own experiences or relate their own lives to what others have gone through. Thus teens understand the importance of not trying any drug
In a way such dark themes provide the hope to cope. Overcoming obstacles, developing strength through hardship, experiencing human kindness in the face of traumatic events are not depressing themes; they can be powerful and uplifting and inspire hope. Perhaps more so for adolescents than for adults as teenagers may have little experience of sadness, grief and loss and are yet to learn the value of triumph through adversity.
In conclusion, writing tougher issues (drug addiction) may not pessimistic. However the guidelines should be cringe for authors as they can have great impact (negative or positive) on young lives. Therefore, dealing with such themes would benefit on condition that highlighting consequences and

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