Your State Community College Case Study

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Introduction to the Problem
Community colleges, along with the many other schools in our society, were designed as factories to train workers (Ackoff & Greenberg, 2008). With a focus on reading, writing, and arithmetic, individuals gained skills needed to complete robotic instructions, but unfortunately, not problem-solving. This concept is still present in many of our schooling systems today including Your State Community College (YSCC). Founded in 1968, YSCC serves about 6,000 students preparing them for jobs in both academic and trade careers. Unfortunately, many of the students who enter the school need remedial courses and enrollment in these courses cause a crippling effect on the success rate of each individual student. Similar …show more content…

38). Since the Dean has good collaboration skills In addition to connecting with all factors, the plan will include the leader becoming the change agent and motivating the masses together (Fullan, 2011). The Dean of Academic Affairs will “exemplify the curiosity, inquiry skills, and scholarly competencies need to investigate an idea and transform it into meaningful action” (Drexel University EdD Keystone 5, 2017).
Focus of Mindset
All stakeholders in this transition plan must embrace the new focus and understand how each component plays an important role in in the big picture. Each component is a critical component of the system and without its function, the plan would fail. It will be a new way of thinking, but together more opportunities for student success will be present.
The change in focus will transform YSCC from being a community college to a college where students are prepared for their next journey in life. Through changes in admissions criteria, degree requirements, and creation of a sense of community, YSCC will be ready to position itself for the future and the present. The transformation will include teaching all incoming students the art of problem-solving and creativity, which are both needed skills to survive in today’s world.
The focus on YSCC will be increased success of all

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